Getting to know Icelandair

Boeing 757-223 (TF-ISL, c/n 25295, "Öræfajökull") at KEF on 2016-04-21
Boeing 757-223 (TF-ISL, c/n 25295, “Öræfajökull”) at KEF on 2016-04-21

Despite having flown between US and Finland for a few decades now, up until last week I had never done that on Icelandair. Now I wonder why, since I discovered that the BOS-KEF-HEL route is certainly the most convenient way to get from New England to Finland. Draw a great circle route from Boston to Helsinki and it pretty much goes over Iceland.

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More Election Season Spotting

Donald Trump's Boeing 757-200 (N757AF, c/n 25155) at KMHT on 2015-11-04.
Donald Trump’s Boeing 757-200 (N757AF, c/n 25155) at KMHT on 2015-11-04.

Last April I reported about the beginning of the Presidential Election season, given that this is an exciting time for an airplane spotter here in NH, our state being very early in the primary calendar and always getting disproportionate attention from the presidential hopefuls. Now that the NH primary is well behind us it is time to see what kind of aircraft were spotted here.

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29 Days of February

This February I participated in a photo challenge on Instagram where each day I was to post a picture where the aircraft in the picture had some connection with the number of the day. I decided to go entirely with type designations (e.g., Cessna O-1 for February 1st, MiG-23 for February 23rd, etc.). See if you can identify the aircraft (each image is a link to the original Instagram entry which will give ample details about what the aircraft is).

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Election Season Begins

Air Force One at KMHT during one of President Obama’s campaign visits in 2012

Several presidential hopefuls have already announced that they will be (attempting to) get to the White House in the 2016 election. Here in New Hampshire we – thanks to the primary election calendar – get disproportional attention from the candidates, including visits to our state. For an airplane spotter, this is exciting. Last time around, we had several visits to KMHT by Air Force One (the picture here was taken on 2012-10-18).

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One Vampire’s Story


In Halli in July 1979.
In Halli in July 1979.

The de Havilland Vampire needs no introduction. The aircraft was originally designed to meet the British government’s 1941 specification E.6/41. First flight of the Vampire prototype took place in September 1943. After the war the Vampire became a commercial success and was eventually delivered to the air forces of over 30 countries.

Among the export customers was Finland whose small air force (“Ilmavoimat”) was in dire need of new equipment in the early 1950s (last Messerschmitt Bf 109s were retired in 1954). The first single-seater Vampires were delivered to Finland in January 1953 and subsequently served with the No. 11 Fighter Squadron (HävLv 11). Vampires were phased out (replaced by Folland Gnat and Fouga Magister -aircraft) in the early 1960s.

Aircraft “VA-2”

The pictures in this blog post depict “VA-2”, c/n VO692, a Mk.52 variant. The aircraft served with several Ilmavoimat units (including HävLv 11, 33, 13, and 21) and was finally retired in 1962. It then spent almost 10 years as a “gate guardian” near the Halli air base, and as is evident from the pictures, its mixed wooden structures (plywood and balsa) did not fare particularly well in Finnish weather. In the 1990s the aircraft was restored and is now displayed at the Finnish Aviation Museum – the full history of “VA-2” is described in an article in Feeniks 1.1997 (see bibliography below). Continue reading

Flying a 1959 Piper Pacer

This is a tailwheel conversion of the Tri-Pacer.
This is a tailwheel conversion of the Tri-Pacer.

The author spent an afternoon with SMA advisor Mike Hirsch, a pilot with Delta Airlines, taking Mike’s 1959 Piper PA-22-150 Pacer for a quick spin from Beverly Municipal in Massachusetts. Perfect clear day for flying, albeit a bit cold.

The small plane has cramped quarters in the cockpit. Scenery was very interesting, though, flying around Gloucester and Manchester-by-the-Sea. Continue reading

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