World War II Weekend

On Friday I was able to stop at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum‘s “World War II Weekend” event at the Reading Regional Airport in Pennsylvania. This is a huge 3-day event that comprises of an airshow, re-enactments, talks by visiting veterans and other experts, etc. For the past several years I have had conflicting engagements that have prevented me from going to this event, and I had one this time too, but at least I was able to stop in Reading for a couple of hours when “passing through”.

Curtiss C-46F-1-CU Commando (N78774, c/n 22597, 44-78774, "The Tinker Belle") arriving
Curtiss C-46F-1-CU Commando (N78774, c/n 22597, 44-78774, “The Tinker Belle”) arriving

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Scale Model Research: AS365 Dauphin

For some time now I have been planning to build a scale model of the Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin helicopter, in 1/72nd scale (since all my models are in that scale). Given that I regularly spend time in Central Pennsylvania, I thought perhaps I could make the model to represent one of the Dauphins operated by the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, specifically their Life Lion Critical Care Transport unit. They operate three Dauphins.

Dauphin ready for another mission

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Spotting an Antonov An-124

Skirting a storm on approach.

Last Saturday @kbosspotter alerted me that an An-124 was due at KPSM (Portsmouth, NH) later that day (thank you for that!). My youngest daughter and I drove there and were able to witness this huge aircraft arrive.

The specific aircraft in question is an An-124-100 Ruslan (UR-82029, c/n 19530502630) operated by Antonov Airlines, a subsidiary of the Antonov Design Bureau. It flew to NH from France, and later in the afternoon continued on to NC.

Here are some pictures.

Certainly an impressive sight when it approaches.
Certainly an impressive sight when it approaches.

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Getting to know Icelandair

Boeing 757-223 (TF-ISL, c/n 25295, "Öræfajökull") at KEF on 2016-04-21
Boeing 757-223 (TF-ISL, c/n 25295, “Öræfajökull”) at KEF on 2016-04-21

Despite having flown between US and Finland for a few decades now, up until last week I had never done that on Icelandair. Now I wonder why, since I discovered that the BOS-KEF-HEL route is certainly the most convenient way to get from New England to Finland. Draw a great circle route from Boston to Helsinki and it pretty much goes over Iceland.

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More Election Season Spotting

Donald Trump's Boeing 757-200 (N757AF, c/n 25155) at KMHT on 2015-11-04.
Donald Trump’s Boeing 757-200 (N757AF, c/n 25155) at KMHT on 2015-11-04.

Last April I reported about the beginning of the Presidential Election season, given that this is an exciting time for an airplane spotter here in NH, our state being very early in the primary calendar and always getting disproportionate attention from the presidential hopefuls. Now that the NH primary is well behind us it is time to see what kind of aircraft were spotted here.

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29 Days of February

This February I participated in a photo challenge on Instagram where each day I was to post a picture where the aircraft in the picture had some connection with the number of the day. I decided to go entirely with type designations (e.g., Cessna O-1 for February 1st, MiG-23 for February 23rd, etc.). See if you can identify the aircraft (each image is a link to the original Instagram entry which will give ample details about what the aircraft is).

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