Grand Messerschmitt project: it’s alive!

After a several months’ hiatus I have resumed work on the Grand Messerschmitt project of 2021, and I thought I’d provide a “status report” on where I am with each of the five aircraft.

The first one to be finished is the Bf 109G-2, “MT-213”, flown by Finland’s highest scoring ace Ilmari Juutilainen (also the highest-scoring non-German ace of the war). Only some minor details are missing anymore.

MT-213 needed some remedial work on the rear fuselage
MT-213 almost ready!

The remaining three Bf 109Gs are all G-6 variants, all have been painted but some minor patch-up remains before decals.

MT 456, and as you can see, it still needs work on the colors

Finally, there’s the Luftwaffe Bf 109E-7 that operated from Petsamo in Finland. It will need a bit more work, but is coming along nicely as well.

Günther Scholtz’s E-7

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