Grand Messerschmitt project: Canopies & wheel wells

We are down to all kinds of detail painting now… this time, it is canopy frames and wheel wells.

Normally I used a “phased” approach to painting canopy frames: first mask the latitudinal frames and paint them, then the longitudinal ones, finally any other remaining parts. This generally works well and saves me a lot of stress at the cost of just cleaning my airbrush a few more times. This time, however, I decided to do something different. I scanned the clear canopy part and used the resulting image as a guide to draw a mask. I then used my Cricut cutter to cut the mask from Tamiya masking tape. The results are surprisingly good.

Windshield masks

Below is the mask I made for the FineMolds’ Erla-canopy. You can download an SVG file suitable to be used with a computer-controlled cutter such as my Cricut Maker.

Masks applied to to the Erla canopy of MT-431

Wheel wells were masked by placing a strip of Tamiya masking tape over the well and then cutting around the corners with a new (= very sharp) X-Acto blade. The wells were airbrushed with RLM 02 – I used Tamiya XF-22 “RLM Gray”.

Short post this time. Next time, I will discuss landing gear and some of the other details that are still missing.

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