Grand Messerschmitt Project: Analysis of Premium Hobbies’ Bf 109G-14

I am a big fan of FineMolds’ Bf 109s, but I recently bought one of the brand new Premium Hobbies’ Bf 109G-14s just to see what it is like. It turns out it is a reboxing of the older Academy kit with new decals and – according to Scalemates – some new parts (which ones, I do not know, since I don’t have the original kit to compare with). Historically, the G-14 variant was an attempt to standardize many of the modifications and improvements that had already been introduced in late production G-6s. I will build this kit as a G-6 with an Erla canopy and the taller vertical tail surfaces (as part of my Grand Messerschmitt project of 2021).

Contents of the kit plus the Eduard PE set
Contents of the kit plus the Eduard PE set (click to see a larger image)

Comparing the major airframe parts against scale plans I can see that the horizontal tail surfaces are too “pointy” and need to be sanded to a more rounded shape. Oddly, none of the reviews I have seen mentions this flaw (e.g., this one from Internet Modeler), and you don’t even need any scale plans to see this! Other than that, the kit matches plans well. The kit even comes with two top panels for the cowling; there were subtle differences between the Messerschmitt and Erla -built airframes. Someone suggested to me that the distance between the main landing gear attachment points would be wrong, but I cannot see that, comparing against several scale plans I have.

Note from the above picture that the kit gives you a choice between the two different kinds of vertical tail as well as two different drop tanks. It also comes with the optional Rüstsatz VI underwing gun pods (also referred to as “R6”), and separate parts for the G-6 -style gun bulges in front of the cockpit. Only the Erla hood is provided for the cockpit, though.

This is a decent (and quite inexpensive) kit for anyone who wants to build a later G-variant. I say “later” because the kit only comes with the wings that have the upper surface bulges for the wider tires. Most G-2s did not have them.

I also have the Eduard photo-etch set designed for the Academy kit. It has some nice parts that are better (i.e., have finer detail) than what the kit offers for the cockpit, as well as additional details for the radiator, oil coolers, antennae, etc.

Some PE parts added to the cockpit, awaiting RLM 74 paint

Next up: Finishing the cockpit interior, for this and the other aircraft. Stay tuned.

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