Bowman Field Fly-in

1964 Cessna 172E (N5561T, c/n 17251461)

The 31st Bowman Field Fly-in was held on August 26th and 27th, and just like last year I made a brief visit. This time I was there on the 2nd day. For those who don’t know, Bowman Field (B10) is a small grass strip in the town of Livermore Falls, ME. This has now become one of my favorite annual aviation events to visit, one I much prefer over bigger airshows.

Again, many visitors, mostly Cubs, Taylorcrafts, (older) Cessnas and homebuilts. And just like last year, I shot hundreds of photographs, took a close look at several aircraft, and was able to talk with owners/pilots.

Here are some examples of the photos I took.

1953 Cessna 170B (N1953E, c/n 26003)
Beautiful 1946 Taylorcraft Model 19 (N44184, c/n 9984)
1946 Cessna 140 (N2523N, c/n 10959) ready for bush flying
Maule MX-7-160 (N94LB, c/n 19029C)
Just JA30 SuperSTOL (N691DV, c/n JA 407-08-14)
Van’s RV-4 homebuilt (N80EC, c/n 4215) arriving

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